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A gentleman by Daniel Fletcher Ames, circa 1855.
Set in the original gilded copper locket case, the reverse with glazed aperture. Within the case is a slip of blue paper with the stencil"BY/ AMES/ ARTIST/ NY." 2 inches high. Daniel Fletcher Ames (fl.1831-1857), a British artist and naturalist, had settled in New York by 1831. Ames advertised from various addresses in Manhattan from 1833 - 1853, including 13 Beekman in 1833 and 1834. From 1853 - 1857, Ames advertised from addresses in Brooklyn. Ames, who had diverse signatures throughout his career, including D. F. Ames, and Ames Artist N Y in stencil, is a rare artist. His work may be seen in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.