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Grand Illumination Oaks Bluff Martha's Vineyard
July 29, 2011  | 

The Oak Bluffs’ Campgrounds is one of America’s first planned communities and for one glorious day and night the town and the Martha’s Vineyard Camp-Meeting Association host the Grand Illumination, a world class event. Held on Wednesday evening, August 17th, hundreds of flamboyantly painted cottages, in what was called America’s Cottage City, will be decorated with oriental lanterns. The brightly painted Queen Anne Victorians and their unusual gingerbread trim adds to the magic of the Grand Illumination. The full page cottage photographs, community history and the quotations will inspire and ignite the reader’s senses.

The roots of the Martha’s Vineyard Camp-Meeting Association, formerly known as Weslyan Grove, grew out of the 19th century Methodist Camp-Meeting movement. From humble beginnings the Camp-Meeting became the most famous Methodist revival meeting in the United States. Now the Camp Ground is interdenominational.  Campgrounds are scattered around the world.

The beginnings of the Grand Illumination began in the first half of the 19th century and became an official event in 1869 when the Campgrounds hosted 30,000 people during the summer. The event attracts thousands of visitors, luminaries and celebrities.

The Grand Illumination is a breathtaking spectacle. The atmosphere lifts everyone’s spirits and illustrates the significance about community, friendship and happiness. Anyone interested in whimsical cottages, historical landmarks, wonderful photographs, travel and bringing happiness into their lives will enjoy this book. Who can’t have a little more happiness in their lives? Find some more in Happiness is a Cottage in the Woods by the Sea.  A book meant to be for our times.