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16th Annual American International Fine Art Fair (AIFAF)
January 27, 2012  | 

The past meets the present as International Fine Art Expositions (IFAE) hosts an array of exhibits for the 16th annual American
International Fine Art Fair (AIFAF) from February 3rd through 12th, 2012. Providing a "break from convention in a world-class destination," the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Florida will house the exhibits that span time around the world.

Under the guidance of legendary artist-jeweler Peter Carl Fabergé's grandchildren, Tatiana and Sarah Fabergé, Fabergé's
Creative and Managing Director Katharina Flohr is bringing AIFAF the exquisite jewels and objects of today that pay homage to those of the Russian Imperial Court. "Distinguished by Fabergé's dedication to excellence and pursuit of perfection, the jewels are both linked to Fabergé's world, yet of the moment and relevant today, demonstrating the modernity that Peter Carl Fabergé was always able to bring to his own eclectic cultural and stylistic references," states the company's website.  The collection includes a new series of Fabergé eggs based on the lavish Imperial Easter eggs of the Romanov dynasty.

Fresh to the market, Lee Siegelson brings his third generation estate jewelry business to Palm Beach. Exhibiting a unique inventory of rare gems and jewelry, such as a 19th century diamond pendant necklace worn by Queen Elizabeth II at her 1953 coronation or an aquamarine and ruby "belt with a buckle" necklace created in 1935 by Fulco Duke of Verdura for Paul Flato, Siegelson's presentation is directly tailored for the discerning collector. The Siegelson website states, "Pieces offered by Siegelson are screened with a curatorial eye for art historical significance, taste and, ultimately, beauty. Each jewel will stand the test of time, and will be as desirable fifty years from now as it is today."

AIFAF 2012 features a Modern Masters exhibition, which includes works from Hammer Galleries. Hammer Galleries originally rose to prominence exhibiting Russian icons in the early 1930s including the Russian Imperial Easter eggs by Peter Carl Fabergé. Today, the gallery focuses on 19th and 20th century European and American Masters. A 1950s oil-oncanvas
painting in rich jewel tones by artist Marc Chagall, called Le Pont Neuf, is among the works provided by the gallery for AIFAF 2012.

Fine instruments join fine art as Violin Advisor in association with Rare Violins of New York present a collection of fine violins and other stringed instruments at AIFAF. Violin Advisor Stewart Pollens is the former conservator of musical instruments for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a position he held for 30 years. He is the global authority on musical instruments, including restoration and maintenance of historic pieces, as evidenced in his many scholarly achievements and analytical publications.

Leaders in the field of antiquities, president and founder Torkom Demirjian's team from Ariadne Galleries is bringing their expertise, acute aesthetic judgment, and sense of history to AIFAF 2012. From their three locations in New York, Paris,
and Munich, they will exhibit ancient art and classical antiquities. One such work is Torso of Aphrodite with Drapery, a Roman
piece from the first to second century AD. The sculpture of the goddess of love depicts physical perfection and feminine charm
with a delicately draped stone form.

Age makes a difference for these models - classic cars collide with fine art at AIFAF 2012. On a fair floor partially transformed into a showroom, long-loved wheels will rest for AIFAF's attendees to admire. It's a first for this fair, rounding out the variety AIFAF provides for the discerning collector.

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