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Brussels Oriental Art Fair - BOAFair 2012 June 6-10, 2012
May 18, 2012  | 
The Brussels Oriental Art Fair (BOAfair) is taking place for the 8th time from June 6 to 10, 2012 around Place du Grand Sablon, Brussels. This exceptional Continental European Fine Asian and Oriental Art Fair is marked in the calendar of art collectors, curators, dealers, journalists and investors. Sixteen international merchants will present their new acquisitions on show in their respective gallery locations. This year's edition of BOA Fair has been re-organized and streamlined to enhance its quality.

Michael Woerner Oriental Art
BOAfair longtime participant Michael Woerner Oriental Art will showcase at Boon Gallery, 24 rue de Minimes, a superb selection of South and Southeast Asian Art sourced from private collections. One of the highlights is an iconic Khmer sculpture: a sublime 11th century Baphuon style Uma from a Swiss collection, one of the finest examples to appear on the market in the last decade. Indian sculpture is represented by a large seated granite Chola Ganesha, and a very rare Mathura sandstone head of Buddha dating into the early Gupta period.

One of Michael Woerner’s specialities is Bronze Age objects and sculptures from Southeast Asia, of which he will show a refined selection. “This is one of the last fields in Asian art, where young collectors can still make exciting discoveries, and build up an important collection without breaking the bank”.

Georgia Chrischilles: First Publications and Early Collections of Kondh Bronzes
The first publication of Kondh bronzes has appeared in 1892 in the “Journal of Indian Art and Industry” by Edgar Thurston, the the Officiating Superintendent at Madras Government Museum. Thurston mentions that these bronzes have been entered the catalogue of the Calcutta-Exhibition of 1883, figuring in the section “Marriage presents of the Khotia Kondh”. (Cornelia Mallebrein)

Some of the bronzes mentioned by Thurston could be part of the collection included in 1916 in the Victoria and Albert Museum, that in return figured in the exhibition “INDIA, Art and Culture, 1300-1900” at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 1985.

Another selection of Kondh bronzes have been part of the catalogue “ORISSA – Kunst und Kultur in Nordost-Indien”, 1980, Museum Rietberg Zuerich, and the exhibition “DIE ANDEREN GOETTER – Volks- und Stammesbronzen aus Indien”, Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum fuer Voelkerkunde der Stadt Koeln, 1994.

“The bronzes representing human figures are attributed to ancestors: the second group is dedicated to the animated world of the earth-goddess Tara, represented by plants, animals and spirits. Buffalo sacrifices are made in her honour: figures in this context are also included in this group.

The third group are attributed to Jelbangrodu, a character secretly venerated to obtain wealth. The fourth group belongs to representations of bovines and ploughing farmers venerated before harvest. The fifth group belong to the dowry of the bride.

A small group of the collection on show probably originate from to surrounding regions of the Maliah-Kondh.” (Cornelia Mallebrein)

Mingei Arts Gallery
For the 2012 edition of Brussels Oriental Art Fair, Mingei Arts Gallery will confront Japanese bamboo basketry, from Edo to contemporary, with ceramics and works of art signed Shiro Tsujimura. The exhibition will highlight the talent of the great masters of bamboo art, among whom Shōkansai Iizuka and Chikubōsai Maeda II which were Living National Treasure, as well as international recognized artists such Tanabe Chikunsai I, Hōsai Iizuka, Tanabe Chikuunsai II, Matsumoto Hafu, Yonezawa Jiro, Honda Shoryu, or Tanabe Shochiku III. These works were created for ikebana, the art of flowers arrangement, and were particularly appreciated by tea ceremony masters. No need to introduce Shiro Tsujimura, one of the greatest living potters whose works are present in most public and private Japanese art collections. The Tsujimura's work combines a traditional technique with a contemporary approach due to the simplicity of forms elaborated with the purity of the artist's gesture. The exhibition will feature ceramic works of art but also some unknown paintings of the artist. Mingei Arts Gallery will exhibit as previous years at Galerie Marc Heiremans, 25 rue Joseph Stevens, 1000 Brussels.

The Fair will be accompanied by a free catalogue to be obtained exclusively while visiting the Sablon and the participating galleries.

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