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Antiques in Manchester 2012
July 31, 2012  | 

In today’s fast paced world of constant communication, 24 hour a day news, and instant gratification that is rarely quite as gratifying as we think it will be, it is nice to find a pursuit that is grounded in the basics and in a quieter time. For many of us the world of antiques and art has provided that break from the everyday rush and pressure we normally live with. The experience of collecting and living with the art and culture of our past can be fast paced with high stakes and tension at one level, but it can also be a leisurely and relaxing activity full of small surprises and learning.

There is a special warmth and comfort in living with objects that were made with love and care, or cherished and used daily for more than 100 years. Living among art and antiques gives us much to think about and to talk about. If we are fortunate, we have the stories of when and how the object was made and used, where it came from, why it was created, who made it, what purpose it had and finally our own story of how we came to be in possession of the piece. Many of these objects have lived with dozens of families, and often in many places in the world. They have sometimes been treasured acquisitions and lovingly used or admired for years and then suddenly relegated to attics, basements and barns only to finally be rediscovered decades or even centuries later.

The objects created for daily use in America are fascinating. In a place with so much work to be done to survive, the creativity and beauty of small things that were made for everyday use is stunning. From quilts and floor coverings and carved wooden bowls, iron forks and boxes to chairs and tables and highboys and paintings, humanity is always evident in the material culture of the past.

Antiques in Manchester brings together an amazing and well-rounded group of dealers exhibiting great Americana that has been saved specifically for this show. There will be fresh merchandise in every booth and each dealer will be presenting something at the opening of the show that has not previously been offered for sale.

In this crazy world around us where we are so “connected” that we have become disconnected, our need for creativity, beauty and uniqueness is ever present. Art is a bridge that connects us to each other and from our past to our future. Come to this new, small show during antiques week in Manchester and spend some time wandering through and really looking at the things that are being offered for sale. Ask questions, talk to the dealers and talk to the other collectors who are there. You will find the best of Americana, fabulous furniture, marvelous textiles and amazing paintings and accessories. You will also hear wonderful stories and learn about the history of America. Come make a connection!

Show Hours:
Wednesday August 8, 3-7 pm and Thursday August 9 11am -6pm
Admission $15.00 (includes readmission)