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Synchronicity Space Fine Arts Opens "Selections from the 7th Annual Exposition for The Gifted'
July 31, 2012  | 

Opening Thursday, August 9, 2012 and running through Saturday, September 1, is an exhibition featuring selected works from young artists in New York City: “Selections from the 7th Annual Exposition for The Gifted.” The show represents the talent of a small segment of the city's vast potential young creators, chosen from over one thousand submissions, highlighting Paul Bronzi and Justina Curanaji. These exceptional students will be sponsored by Synchronicity Space Fine Arts in support of their artistic development.

"Seven years ago, a request from Chancellor Klein’s office came before the art community of New York, to move beyond the classroom and assist students in developing their careers," said Synchronicity Space gallery director, John Amato. "As a non-profit, public trust, we saw an opportunity to accomplish what the gallery was designed to provide: a public forum for growth and community awareness."

The philosophy behind the project, an annual event at Synchronicity Space, is to offer a practical component to complement the art education students receive in school. Many of the students do not have access to non-academic artistic outlets either due to cost restraints or logistical limitations and are truly enriched by the opportunity and exposure that this showcase provides.

"The endeavor is to expose a process for future development and greater awareness all around; artists, schools, public and private," said gallery director Amato. "The goal is to create an all-inclusive art continuity and encourage the young people who represent our greater potential as a society engaged in cultural, educative and spiritual awareness."

Authenticity and Evolution Are the Focus at Synchronicity Space Fine Arts
One of the first things you notice about the gallery is what is missing.  There are no placards on the walls, no narrative bios or revealing titles of the work that lines the walls in this quaint, inviting gallery.  "We do not want to interfere with the viewer's perception of the artwork," said John Amato, gallery director and founder of Synchronicity Space Fine Arts.  "Too much information about the artist and the work gets in the way of the viewer connecting with the pieces.  If one is too directed, the perception becomes less his own."
In its 23-year history, the mission of Synchronicity Space as a non-profit gallery has been to serve the aims of emerging artists: to better them as creators and provide a place for exhibiting artwork that may be otherwise overlooked.  Unlike sleek galleries with little depth to their offerings, Synchronicity emphasizes artists' self-responsibility in vision and execution.  "Personal accountability is the path to artistic integrity," says Amato.  "As an artist, I know how important it is to stay true to your work, its' process and evolution.  I also know deeply what art can do for people, both personally and collectively, and I created Synchronicity as a venue to to help emerging artists become empowered and responsible in their creation."
Amato also teaches at Columbia University and works as the Director of Art Therapy at Graymoor, a recovery center for men with substance abuse issues; artwork of the latter even comprises one of the monthly exhibits each year.  In these spheres, art becomes a transformative medium.  "Art is a vehicle for people to conceive of things differently-their behavior and awareness, the world around them and their interplay with it," said Amato.  "Art is simultaneously an outlet for the imagination and a path to self-discovery and redefinition."
Synchronicity's role as creative space allows artists to bring the best of themselves, while evolving into who they can become.  "The development of perception is at the core of art and in its' process, civilization learns how to see.  Art should provide this above all to society and if it does what it is designed to do, it will address the greatest problems in our society: blindness, which underlies the potential of our own humanity," said Amato. "Destroy blindness; save the world."

Synchronicity Space Fine Arts has been serving the public with emerging artist projects since 1989. In fine art and theatre, locally and internationally, we are a service organization demonstrating responsible methods for supporting art and maintaining a dialogue with the needs of the art community and the public interests.

Gallery hours: Thursday through Saturday: 1PM to 7PM

Jenn Sauer, Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Synchronicity Space Fine Arts 106 West 13th Street, New York, New York 10011