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CTC&G Designing Greenwich "Time for Design" Lecture Series
October 29, 2012  | 

Friday, November 9th

9:00 am - Designer Breakast (by invitation) featuring D.J. Carey, Tony Ingrao and Crans Baldwin
Crans Baldwin reviews the current state of the design industry and shares his ideas and those he gathered from his last tour, “Jumpstart Your Own Recovery,” about the brighter future that lies ahead for the interior design profession in America.

11:30 am - Vicente Wolf - "Inspiration"
In the world of design, Vicente Wolf has been at the top for over 37 years and has firmly established himself through his many creative endeavors as interior designer of both residential and commercial spaces. Known for his exotic travels, Wolf’s design inspirations can be seen in his partnerships with Baccarat, Ann Sacks and Tufenkian.

1:00 pm - Secrets of Design Bloggers

2:30 pm - Lulu Powers - "Entertaining with Style"
To Lulu Powers, style represents manners and etiquette, food preparation, entertaining as well as dress and grooming. Lulu will discuss the state of style today and the need to “make an effort” in order to own your own "style". She'll share her thoughts on why it’s the little touches throughout the day or during a party that make a big impact, for example creating a signature cocktail, "dressing" for lunch with a friend or hand writing a thank you card, and ensure that you leave armed with either a reinforced sense of style or go searching to develop yours.

4:00 pm - Florence de Dampierre - "French Chic Demystified: How it all started and how to do it"
French Chic is a clever, witty, mix of classic and contemporary styles that define a delightful way of living. Acclaimed decorative arts historian, interior designer, and author Florence de Dampierre traces the origins of this style in her native country going back to the cultivated Sun King, Louis XIV. Learn how to incorporate this joie de vivre lifestyle into your home. De Dampierre discusses how to imbue surroundings with a combination of carefully edited high and low furnishings, a sensual color palette, and entertaining exquisitely, yet with ease. With these tools, you too can create your own French Chic sanctuary.

Saturday, November 10th

11:30 am - Amanda Nisbet - "Dazzling Design"
Amanda will be presenting her lecture, aptly called “Dazzling Design” which discusses her methodology behind creating some of the key rooms in her first book of the same name. The lecture will walk the audience through her design inspirations and philosophy.

1:00 pm - Carolyne Roehm - "Flowers"
My presentation is about sharing my love of flowers in all facets, designing a garden with them, decorating my homes with them and sharing them with others through photographs. The flowers in my new book Flowers, were all grown in my garden in northwestern Connecticut.

2:30 pm - Clodagh - "Your Home Your Sanctuary"
Clodagh shares how she transforms her inspirations into healing environments and how you can make your home your sanctuary.   She will speak about how she applies a broad spectrum of modalities that promote wellness.   As a pioneer in the use of Feng Shui in her designs, she embraces both ancient and cutting edge methods.  The use of chromotherapy, biophilia, intelligent materials and natural elements enrich her projects with warmth, texture and comfort that appeals to all the senses.

4:00 pm - Janice Parker - "Amazing Transformation-The Art of Landscape Design"
A verdant and artfully designed garden is a great dream of many homeowners; everyone loves an amazing transformation with astounding before and after photos. Presenting the audience with a visual and storied descriptions of some of her recent work in Greenwich, showing before and after images and helping everyone understand the process from concept to completion.

Sunday, November 11th

11:30am - Michael Storrings - "The Creative Process Behind Designing Christmas Products"
Michael will trace his background as an artist, traveler, illustrator, and publishing Creative Director, and how these experiences led him to designing Christmas products and Christmas-related books. He will describe the process of creating his ornaments from concept to sketch to  their hand-painting in Europe.

1:00 pm - Alex Papachritidis - "The Trend of Custom Made Art in Interior Decorating"
High end luxury interior designers are increasingly commissioning unique objects made for specific spaces of their clients.   No longer just furniture, but art objects, wall paintings and site-specific artworks are on the rise, and have become a hallmark of New York based decorator Alex Papachristidis. 

2:30 pm - Annie Falk / Victoria Armory - "Palm Beach Entertaining & Creating Delicious Occasions to Remember"
Victoria Amory and Annie Falk dish about entertaining everyone from royals to bullfighters, and discuss their new book, Palm Beach Entertaining, covering everything from “Simply Scrumptious Daytime Celebrations” to “Entertaining in the Gilded Age Tradition.”  Featured friends include fashion icon Arnold Scaasi, Polo Player Nic Roldan and interior designer Celerie Kemble sharing tips for setting a personalized table, creating a warm mood, and choosing crowd-pleasing dishes.

Monday, November 12th

10:30 am - Susanna Salk - "Room for Children"
Exploring trends and inspiration for creating the best rooms for kids from nursery through teen, using Salk's bestselling book as your guide.

2:30 pm - Helen Klisser During - "The Art of Looking"
Helen Klisser During will give us an insiders view of what's hot in the art world focusing on Art Fairs, (Frieze, The Armory and Art Basel), Auction houses, leading galleries and museums. We will learn where and how to look for art to start or build a collection.