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Design/Miami: December 5 - 9, 2012; Preview December 4th
November 29, 2012  | 

Design/Miami 2012 located at Meridian Avenue & 19th Street across from Art Miami Basel, features some of the most interesting design pieces from around the world.  With little or no advance public information, Design/Miami is always a bit of a mystery until you get there...but it's always a wonderful surprise!!

Among my favorite dealers exhibiting this year are Ornamentum, R 20th Century and Hostler Burrows.  We've included images of items that R 20th Century and Hostler Burrows will be bringing to the show - as well as a more indepth look at the very interesting and unusual art jewelry and silverwork that is represented by Ornamentum.

Design/Miami 2012 will see the world premier of the full set of Seven Necessities by Atelier Ted Noten! Accessories for today’s Femme Fatale, presented by Ornamentum.  This series of seven sculptures, made with a combination of modern technology and old-world handwork will be exhibited for the first time anywhere as a complete group. 

Seven Necessities 2012 A survival kit: 
Few things will stir the imagination quite like the question which items would be absolutely essential in an emergency. What kind of emergency? In what kind of context? Ted Noten has come up with a survival pack which he believes contains everything a woman may need, under any imaginable circumstance, in order to ‘be her own man’ without forfeiting her femininity. Sexism? For those who know Noten’s defiant designs it will be instantly clear that the designer enjoys provocation and that irony is his weapon of choice.

The set consists of 7 characteristically feminine necessities, including a purse, a bracelet, a pair of sunglasses and a chastity belt. Upon closer inspection these turn out to be highly ingenious systems whose secret compartments are used for storing basic things such as lipsticks or tampons, but also nasty weapons. The objects have been produced using a method called ‘rapid prototyping’: a 3D-printer that transforms a computer-drawn shape into a physical object in cheap nylon – so far the most widely used material in rapid prototyping. The details however, often hidden away in an extending compartment, reveal that Noten has also used precious and more traditional materials, including silver, gold, and precious stones. One of the arms of his nylon sunglasses, for instance, houses an aggressive-looking gold ice-pick.

With his mix of basic necessities with unanticipated weapons, and of cheap materials with precious metals, Noten keeps wrong-footing his audiences. The fact that every little detail has been executed with painstaking craftsmanship further contributes to the confusion. In the realm of feminine vanity, refinement is a highly favoured attribute. In the realm of bloodthirsty malevolence, such refinement is the very thing that serves to tone down the inevitable promise a weapon holds. Women on the warpath: they will seduce you with their deadly appeal.

Since the 1960’s, Gerd Rothmann has been one of the seminal figures in contemporary jewelry. Known for his work with the fingerprint and imprints of the skin, the jewelry of Rothmann achieves an intense connection with the wearer- she has a piece with much more than the designer’s signature, she almost has a piece of him on their jewelry, or a piece from a lovedone if the works are commissioned with personalized imprints. An impressive selection of Rothmann’s work will be featured at Design Miami/ 2012, new pieces created specifically for this occasion together with many of his iconic designs. Rothmann will be present with Ornamentum at Design/Miami to speak to the public about his work, with a catalog created specifically for this important occasion.

Shaking the foundations of the traditional British silversmithing world, David Clarke UK addresses the traits of the discarded vessels he finds, transforming their form, function and personality with a wry sense of humor… Clarke’s newest works will be exhibited at Design/Miami… intimate new teapots and other ceremonial serving vessels transformed with irreverence into contemporary functional works, speaking a language not foreign to conversations held in the fine arts. 

Trained in Germany, living and working in New York, the work of John Iversen is highly sought after and found in many important private and public collections. New examples of Iversen’s astounding “Crackle” bracelets will be exhibited in Miami, including the exquisite new bracelet “Unfinished”, in white, yellow and green gold combined with sterling silver.

Ornamentum is thrilled to present several works by one of the most important figures in postwar Italian jewelry and sculpture, Bruno Martinazzi of Italy, including the pictured brooch “Amore”. At 88 years old, Martinazzi’s gold masterpieces are highly sought-after and increasingly difficult to find.

This is just a small sampling of what to expect at Design/Miami 2012.  Enjoy all the shows and the great weather in Miami Beach.  Let us know what you enjoyed most - we love to hear from you!