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Bego Ezair Gallery Presents: Amy Cohen Banker - Heuristic
December 9, 2012  | 

The Bego Ezair Gallery presents  Amy Cohen Banker recent oil and acrylic paintings based on metaphors from nature. Titled Heuristic, works vary in size from miniature to murals.  Amy Cohen Banker has a gallery on and it is our pleasure to feature her work in this newsletter.

I'm always interested in what inspires an artist's work.  For Amy, art is inspired by music, color, love, songs, theater, poems, gemstones - everyday life.  Amy shares the choice of the name Heuristic and the explanation of the term in relationship to her art:

"Heuristic inquiry is a process that begins with a question or problem which the researcher seeks to illuminate or answer. The question is one that has been a personal challenge and puzzlement in the search to understand one's self and the world in which one lives... Heuristics is a way of engaging in scientific search through methods and processes aimed at discovery... The deepest currents of meaning and knowledge take place within the individual through one's senses, perceptions, beliefs, and judgments. This requires a passionate, disciplined commitment to remain with a question intensely and continuously until it is illuminated or answered.

All heuristic inquiry begins with the internal search to discover, with an encompassing puzzlement, a passionate desire to know, a devotion and commitment to pursue a question that is strongly connected to one's own identity and selfhood. The awakening of such a question comes through an inward clearing, and an intentional readiness and determination to discover a fundamental truth regarding the meaning and essence of one's own experience and that of others."

A native New Yorker, Amy resides in New York City and Massachusetts. She collaborates and exhibits in multimedia and fine art projects, local and worldwide, including the Smithsonian, MOMA, Whitney, Hermitage and the Chelsea Art Museum. A Cornell University graduate, she studied design, art and business. Banker was an art instructor at the MOMA.

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