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"Fame" - Unfamiliar Photographic Portraits of Famous Men and Women at Throckmorton Fine Art Through September 14, 2013
July 14, 2013  | 

“FAME” is the title of the summer photographic presentation at Throckmorton Fine Art in New York.  Choosing to show portraits of celebrated individuals, Kraige Block, Executive Director of Throckmorton Fine Art says, “Portraiture has a lengthy, rich and diverse history in art.   In our era portraits of the famous have a pleasant association: they are familiar and frequently serve as cultural and temporal markers.

“Photographic portraits, however, can be enigmatic, showing recognized faces but only hinting at complex personalities and the quixotic flow of fortune and tragedy.

“In our summer exhibition we have made an effort to exhibit images that are not well known and some have, in fact, never been printed or publicly shown before, in a bid to add something unexpected to what is otherwise familiar.” 45 vintage portraits have been chosen by Block.

“The portraits we show represent a wide swatch of those ordained ‘famous’ and include royalty, political leaders, actors and actresses, and artists, musicians and writers.  We are also offering self-portraits by a number of accomplished fine art photographers as well as the work of several fashion photographers and photo-journalists.”

The “FAME” exhibition at Throckmorton Fine Art this summer includes portraits that range from an 1858 image of Abraham Lincoln by Matthew Brady, to a 1930s portrait of Marlene Dietrich by Cecil Beaton, one of many 20th century film legends immortalized in this show.  Others include Ray Schatt’s poignant image of James Dean, Kirk Douglas and Yul Brynner portraits by George Platt Lynes, a 1940s portrait of Frida Kahlo by Manuel Alvarez Bravo and an image of Salma Hayek channeling Frida Kahlo by Ruven Afanador. Visitors to the show will also see Gandhi’s portrait by Margaret Bourke White, and a 1961 image of Jacqueline Kennedy by Eve Arnold, as well as a 1999 portrait of Liza Minelli by Ruven Afanador.

“We are delighted that other celebrated individuals making an ‘appearance’ at our show include the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Theodore Roosevelt, D.H. Lawrence, Pablo Neruda, Pablo Picasso, Marilyn Monroe, the Beatles, the Dalai Lama, and Jean Michel Basquiat, with his cat."

“This exhibit will serve as a testament to many of those who society has idolized over the past century.  The exhibit will also offer, though, a window into the wide range of formats photographers have employed to capture the likeness of celebrated individuals.”

For 25 years Throckmorton Fine Art has specialized in vintage and contemporary photography of the Americas with a primary focus on Latin American talents.  The gallery’s founder, Spencer Throckmorton, has also pursued a long held interest in Chinese Jades and Pre-Columbian Art and Throckmorton has staged important exhibitions and published numerous publications on these subjects.  Throckmorton Fine Art is a featured exhibitor at the world’s leading art fairs.  Spencer Throckmorton and Kraige Block are also recognized for their extraordinary photography collection including strong works of museum quality by luminaries such as Tina Modotti, Manual Alvarez Bravo, Edward Weston and Martin Chambi, among many talents they have supported in the past quarter century.  The gallery also has an extensive inventory of paintings, works on paper and graphics by modern and contemporary Latin American artists, along with a strong collection of male nude photography by various artists; such as Baron Wilhelm Von Gloeden, Vincenzo Galdi, Danny Lyon, George Dureau, Guglielmo Pluschow, and others.

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