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Paris Tableau November 13 - 17: A Five Day Fair, A Three Year Passion
November 7, 2013  | 

Paris Tableau began in 2011 and is the initiative of ten Old Master paintings dealers. This intimate French fair is the benchmark for a trade that capitalises on knowledge and the quality of expertise that is exists in the Paris market.

Having created the forum for the sale of more than one hundred works valued from €10,000 to €3,500,000 in under three years, Paris Tableau has contributed both to art market momentum and also provided many opportunities to enrich museum and private collections. Some 6,000 visitors came through the doors in 2011 and 10% more registered in 2012 testifying to the fact that Paris Tableau continues to build on its reputation for excellence.

At its heart, the Fair has a shared love and knowledge of Old Masters from the Middle Ages to the end of the 19th century. President Maurizio Canesso and fellow dealers, Hervé Aaron, Éric Coatalem, Bertrand Gautier, Bob Haboldt, Jean-François Heim, Georges de Jonckheere, Jacques Leegenhoek, Giovanni Sarti and Claude Vittet, have established a relationship of trust with their collectors based on this passion and discernment.

The 2013 edition of Paris Tableau will bring together twenty-two Old Master paintings dealers, including four new participants: Coll & Cortés from Madrid; Michel Descours from Lyon; Gabriel Terrades, a Parisian of Spanish origin; and Carlo Virgilio from Rome.

The Northern, French, Italian and Spanish schools will be represented through different genres of painting. Portraiture includes Portrait of a Noblewoman by François Clouet (1510-1572) and his studio (Galerie Jacques Leegenhoek); the Study of an Old Man, recently attributed to Sir Peter Rubens (1577-1640) (The Weiss Gallery) and The Straw Hat by Alfred Stevens (1823-1906) (Talabardon & Gautier) an example of how the fair now includes paintings from the end of the 19th century.

Religious paintings such as Giacomo Cavedone’s (1577- 1660) Christ Mocked (Galerie Canesso) will be on show to visitors of the Fair, as well as the tender and loving Jacques Stella (1596-1657) painting, The Virgin preparing gruel for the baby Jesus (Galerie Éric Coatalem). Further highlights are The Temptation of Saint Anthony signed by Louis-Joseph Watteau (1731-1798) (Galerie Claude Vittet), and Paul Bril’s (c. 1554- 1626) painting on copper, Jesus and the Sea of Galilee (Galerie Sanct Lucas), a small piece that emits great energy. Christ and the Samaritan by Girolamo Da Santacroce (c.1480/85-c.1556) (Derek Johns) will be amongst the oldest paintings to be shown at Paris Tableau 2013. Lastly, the Coll & Cortés Gallery will offer the opportunity to see an oil on canvas work attributed to Guerchino (1591-1666) entitled, Jesus Expelling the Merchants from the Temple.

Collectors of landscape painting at Paris Tableau 2013 will have the opportunity to compare two paintings by Chevalier Volaire (1729-1799) showing eruptions of Vesuvius, which will be on show with Carlo Virgilio and Charles Beddington respectively. Michel Descours gallery invites us on a journey with the painting Bamboo Bridge over the river Tjisadane in Bogor (Java-ouest) by Antoine Payen (1792-1853).

The display of still life paintings will include such masterpieces as Still life with vase of flowers and basket of fruit by Jan Davidsz De Heem (1606- 1683) and his studio (Haboldt & Co); Still life with split pomegranates and bouquet of flowers by Bernardo Polo (1680-c.1700), exhibited by the Terrades Gallery and Hans van Essen’s (c.1588/89-c.1648) sparkling composition Still life with lobster (David Koetser Gallery) which looks good enough to eat.

Genre scenes are also well represented: a Village Scene composed by Étienne Jeaurat (1699-1789) shows a slice of 18th-century life (Galerie Didier Aaron & Cie), while A happy band playing backgammon is presented by Kunsthandel P. de Boer, in which Dirk Hals (1591-1656) depicts a board game. In contrast a game of seduction is depicted in the sweet and sensual canvas, Fellah women by the Nile, signed by Léon- Adolphe Belly (1827-1877) and exhibited by Jean-François Heim. Rafael Valls will present an exotic painting entitled, Villagers of Dominica dancing and talking, by Augustin Brunias (1730-1796).

Frame merchants Capucine Montanari and Enrico Ceci will cross the centuries from the 16th to the 20th, showing magnificent, sculptured, carved, gilded and inlaid pieces.

Federico Zeri and Connoisseurship Paris Tableau is not just intended to stimulate its visitors’ senses, or to show and sell beautiful canvases, as the world's only specialist Fair devoted to Old Master painting, it also has a didactic purpose to impart expert knowledge as well as a guarantee of total reliability, Paris Tableau values scholarship and this year has organised a conference in partnership with the Fondazione Federico Zeri, entitled, Federico Zeri and Connoisseurship, which will retrace the steps of this exceptional man: the posts he held, his personal collection and the legacy that made him a key figure in the history of art. The conference will be held at the fair on the afternoon of Wednesday 13 November.

Sous réserve d’usufruit Paris Tableau will mount an exhibition in honour of collectors that make donations to museums, entitled Sous réserve d’usufruit. The exhibition has been organised in partnership with the Paintings Department of the Musée du Louvre, and was the brainchild of Guillaume Kientz, curator of paintings. The exhibition highlights the benefits of this type of art donation, which enables the owner of a work of art to profit from tax concessions, continue to enjoy the artwork and benefit the museum to enriching its collection. Six paintings, never before seen in public, will be available to view exclusively by Paris Tableau visitors as part of the Sous réserve d’usufruit exhibition.

The exhibition will also serve to remind visitors that in addition to selling direct to institutions, dealers can also be at the source of donations via private collectors they have advised. The dealer is one of the essential links in a work’s progress towards a collection. Paris Tableau attests to the vitality of a trade that reflects the love of art it helps to maintain.

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