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Mougins Fine Art Joins NewFocusOn
February 27, 2014  | 

Welcome to Mougins Fine Art, an online Art Gallery specializing in modern and contemporary art purchased directly from the studios of the artists represented.

Carefully chosen through the ties and connections of many years work, where the relationships have been nurtured over the decades, you will see an interesting array of styles and mediums. Jill Lewis Odel brings to you her selection of talented artists, with an ever expanding portfolio.

Jill grew up as an “art brat”, traveling all over Europe with her parents – New York art dealers whose company represented Calder, Man Ray, Brassaï, and Sonia Delaunay among many others. Jill’s parents work afforded her the incredible opportunity of visiting the ateliers and homes of these luminaries, observing first hand how their private lives influenced their art and vice versa.  

Frequently traveling back to France, even as she raised her family and worked for large European companies here in the US, she never gave up her close link to the places and artists of her youth, and continued to build on her ties to the art world.  

Collecting art should connect you with historical and sensory tradition. Please feel free to contact us and note that our artists will also work on special commission whenever possible.

For more information:
1 (914) 439.0200

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