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70John Art and Design Showroom - Current Show: Audrey Lee
November 23, 2010  | 

70John, located in emerging D.U.M.B.O. (down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass), Brooklyn is the treasure you find when you least expect it.

Meandering through the gentrified industrial area, you turn the corner onto John Street from Jay street and a white neon sign grabs your attention, it reads, “70“.  Curiosity draws you to the building, then through the heavy rustic entrance door and up a small flight of warehouse steps.  You push open a second heavy metal door and you enter into a large, sunny showroom showcasing beautiful glass objects, warm-toned custom bamboo-veneer furniture and rich patina paintings on wood.  The craftsmanship of furniture designer/maker, Jan Lee and glass designer, Kanik Chung comprise this elegant home-furnishings collection. 

Started by Jan Lee in 1995, 70john was a  venture into new territory with a clear vision.  With a strong interest in Asian home furnishings and antiques,  Jan's own furniture designs  reflect this influence and the showroom hints at  Eastern aesthetics, while remaining modern and accessible for today's market.

In addition to the revolving pieces created by Jan and Kanik,   70john periodically showcases an emerging artist  with a gallery show.  The artwork must match the quality and design aesthetic of 70john , and this month,  the "water" series of Audrey Lee, an east Hampton, mixed-media artist is being exhibited. 

Audrey resides in East Hampton, New York.  A native New Yorker, she attended The High School of Music and Art in Manhattan and SUNY at Stony Brook, studying fine arts. With a background in publications, as a Senior Associate Decorating Editor at Seventeen Magazine, she expanded that experience to become a freelance photo stylist / production coordinator and editor. After moving to the east end full time, Audrey resumed her first love of art and painting and soon participated in group shows , such as The Annual Guild Hall Member’s Show/EH ( receiving the "best representational painting" award at their 66th annual guild hall member's show in 2004), The Ballet Art Auction/BH;  The Artists’ Alliance Mask Benefit/Watermill;  The Springs Invitational Show/EH;  LongHouse Reserve benefit/EH;  East End Hospice Box Art/whb; Gallery Merz/Sag Harbor. She was given several two-man shows at Gallery Merz and solo shows at Delaney-Cooke Gallery, Sag Harbor and 70john, DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Ms. Lee continues to be represented by Mark Humphrey Gallery, Southampton and 70John, DUMBO, Brooklyn. Her pieces have been shipped throughout Europe, Asia and the United States.  Most recently a very large 5-panel piece was shipped to Singapore and 70john is currently installing a 6-panel piece at a well-known, established restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. The work is about the  process - constructing layers of photo images, vintage Buddhist and Chinese papers, and paints -  then deconstructing the layers and creating textures and colors. The process is repeated countless times until she is satified with the image.  As in life, Audrey feels we are all composed of infinite layers of experiences. Her paintings reflect this philosophy. Currently the work is large -  panels are used to create diptychs, triptychs,  and most recently six-panel  paintings.
"Layers interest me
The natural process and the erosion
Sometimes leaving a hint of the past or a color from another time
Textures that evoke a spirit and connect us to others
The photographs are humanity – they are about people that really existed
The various papers are traces of a culture"  Audrey Lee 718-246-9252,