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Paris Tribal April 3 - 6 2014:
March 26, 2014  | 

26 Parisian galleries create a new event that confirms the place of Paris as capital of tribal arts

The tribal arts are fascinating because of the way they tell a story that can often only be grasped in its outline and that reveals only part of its secrets. This appetite for tribal art, which is widespread in Europe and the USA, is developing throughout the whole world.

Whether it be colonial history, the taste of the surrealists for ethnic mysteries, or else the borrowings of art nouveau from the tribal repertory, the fact remains that art lovers are naturally drawn to this art of origins. Undeniably, Paris is currently seen as the capital of tribal arts, as shown by the great number of internationally known Parisian galleries and the regular success of the Parcours des Mondes in September, for which Paris Tribal now seeks to play a complementary role.

Strengthened by this situation, and aware of the arrival on the market of a generation of collectors who are passionate about contemporary art but seeking to get initiated in tribal arts, Parisian art dealers have decided to create a new springtime event to demonstrate their ability to stimulate and develop this market, while affirming the dominant position of Paris and meeting the growing demand of collectors.

Here, there is no imposed model, nor uniform presentation but, on the contrary, a free stroll from one gallery to another, where each art dealer can reveal their identity, their choices, and their vision of their own speciality.

Through exhibitions based around themes, and with exceptional pieces, Paris Tribal uncovers its treasures within a broad, transversal view of tribal arts: Arts from Africa, America, Asia, Indonesia and Oceania, among others.

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