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Design Miami - 2009
January 8, 2010  | 
Several weeks ago, I went to Miami to attend Art Basel Miami Beach and the many satellite art shows that are held at the same time. Although my own taste in art leans more towards fine and modern art, it is an experience to see the wide range of contemporary art that is offered from around the world…and there is great people watching too!

My favorite show however was Design Miami/2009. Located in the Miami Design District, the show was held in a 35,000 square foot Temporary Structure created by the award winning New York architectural firm Aranda\Lash. The focus of the show is limited edition contemporary design – furnishings and objects. Here are a few highlights:

Christina Grajales, Inc. – New York One of the most distinguished design galleries in the world Ms. Grajales’ exhibit featured the work of Israeli born artist, Ayala Serfaty.

Ms. Serfaty studied fine art at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and Middlesex Polytechnic in London, where she completed her BFA. In 1992, she opened Aqua Creations in Tel Aviv with her partner, photographer Albi Serfaty. The design firm has earned international renown for its innovative designs which combine handcraftsmanship with industrial techniques. In addition to her commercial ventures, Serfaty continues to explore the boundaries of art and design through her own projects.

In recent years, she has developed and created light sculptures from glass filament and polymer-skin in a project entitled Soma. Serfaty engages the “Truth to Nature” mantra and modernizes it through her metaphorically charged web of interlaced glass filaments covered with clear polymer threads, creating a paper-thin skin similar to a cocoon. Citing Eva Hesse’s deliberate use of non-traditional materials to push the artistic boundaries as a key source of inspiration, Sefarty utilized modern industrial materials to expose the delicacy and behavioral nuances of the object while communicating her interpretation of nature’s beautiful and complex structures and forms with the outside world.

Serfaty’s work is found in the collections of Museum of Arts and Design, New York and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in Israel. Her work has been exhibited in the Tel Aviv Museum of art in 2008-2009 and in the Museum Beelden aan Zee in the Netherlands in November.

Ornamentum Gallery – Hudson, N.Y. Founded in 2002, in Hudson, NY, Ornamentum has quickly found its place in the forefront of the international contemporary jewelry scene.

Representing jewelry in all mediums, the focus of Ornamentum Gallery is jewelry which clearly defines today’s “moment” in design, from many of the worlds most significant jewelry makers; established figures and exciting new faces, breaking the rules of tradition to redefine what jewelry is and can be.

Worlds apart from the (gemstone and surface decoration) fare of fashion and traditional jewelry, contemporary jewelry design at Ornamentum is defined by bold conceptual content, cutting-edge originality and in-depth explorations in material, form, scale and theme.

Known as the “father of experimental plastics in jewelry”, UK jewelry maker and artist Peter Chang has experimented in and pushed the medium for the past 5 decades. Somewhere between alien life-forms and bizarre medical anomalies, each work pushes toward the extremes of sensory stimulation. Painstakingly layering these resins create forms of vibrant color, textures and effect, unbelievable organisms to be worn on the body. Due to the extremely time-consuming methods of working, Chang is often unable to create more than a few works each year. Those which he does create are extremely sought-after by collectors worldwide and often claimed long before their creation. It is with great excitement that we will be able to present a small group of rings by Chang at this year’s Design Miami. Currently, Ornamentum is the only gallery in the world to have work by Peter Chang.

Seomi Gallery/Seoul Located at the heart of Seoul, in the renowned Cheongdam district celebrated for its most up-to-date trend and style, Gallery Seomi opened its doors to the public in 2003. Albeit the relatively short history as a public gallery, Gallery Seomi has its roots in its parent company Seomi in Gahoe, that owns the distinguished reputation of the most exclusive vision and taste in contemporary fine arts as a private gallery since 1988 – Some of Seomis exhibition history includes Gerhard Richter in 1995, William de Kooning in 2002, and Allighiero Boetti in 2004, just to name a few, under the President Song-Won Hong, regarded as an internationally prominent art collector and dealer in her own right. As a public gallery that operates under the highest standards of the reputation and history in the field of contemporary fine arts and exclusive design masterpieces, Gallery Seomi strives to generate and establish as a space of design-oriented that proposes a new vision for Korean art and design public.

Gallery Seomi distinguishes itself the most from others in its philosophy that stems from the substantial history and experience of the Seomi in its work in the contemporary art field for the past twenty years. Since its opening, Gallery Seomi has maintained the mission to introduce the variety and movement of the international artists and designers to the Korean public with the mindset of a pioneer as well as an educator with hopes of positively influencing both the art and design connoisseurs of Korea and the young artists in their growth. Not only showcasing great contemporary designers such as Wendel Castle and Maria Pergay, Gallery Seomi also sought to introduce fine art exhibitions from curated show like Small is Beautiful to establishing artist like Simon Patterson. Transcending the expected, Gallery Seomi as a public gallery truly dedicates itself in not only introducing the current scene, but also in foreseeing and bringing the impending trend of the future in contemporary design as well as fine arts to Korean culture.

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