Newsletter Volume 5 Issue 10
Newsletter Volume 5 Issue 10
Summer is in full swing and what better way to spend all or part of your weekend than in Newport Rhode Island?  The seaside city was home to the earliest English settlers to America in 1636 and boasts more colonial buildings than any other city in the United States.  Visit the Bellevue Avenue Historic District to see the Newport Mansions - or "summer cottages" as they were sometimes called.  Built by some of the richest families in America at the time and the most important architects, the mansions have been fully restored, including their furnishings, thanks to the efforts of the Newport County Preservation Society and the generosity of the families who originally owned them.  The busy harbor, once a leading port for the export of rum, fish, furniture and silver during the Colonial period, is a great place to eat, shop and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.  Newport is known too as a Yachting Capital and The United States Navy has called Newport home since the 1860's. Any time is a good time to visit Newport but if you happen to be there this weekend, don't miss the Newport Antiques Show...Meg

July 22, 2014 - “Rhode Island, founded by an immigrant in 1636, has a rich, complicated history,” explains Kirsten Hammerstrom, Director of Collections at the Rhode [...]

July 22, 2014 - The Newport Antiques Show is one of the nation’s leading antiques events. Serious antique collectors across New England look to the annual Show as an [...]

July 25 - 27, 2014; Preview July 24
@ The Stephen P. Cabot and Archer Harman Ice Center - St. George's School 375 Purgatory Road Newport RI
July 25-28, 2014
@ Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street, New York City 10011
February 18 - May 18, 2014
@ Moscow Kremlin State Historical Cultural Museum & Heritage Site, Exhibition Hall of the Assumption Belfry,Moscow, Russia
May 1 - September 13, 2014
@ Throckmorton Fine Art - 157 E. 57th Street New York
May 24 - September 14, 2014
@ Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery, Castle Meadow, Norwich NR1 - 3JU, UK
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